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Mr. Sun Kuanping Talked about “The Evolution of China’s Current Social Contradictions and the Commissioning of the Appeal Mechanism”

发布时间: 2014-03-12     浏览次数: 92

Mr. Sun Kuanping, Director of Department No. 2 for Letters Reception at the State Bureau for Letters and Calls, gave a talk about“The Evolution of China’s Current Social Conflict and the Commissioning of the Appeal Mechanism”in room 725, Wenke Building, on October 10, 2012. Prof. Guo Dingping hosted the lecture.

He pointed out that the current social contradictions have been at a stage with rising social contradictions, which is a basic consensus between officials and folks, government and academic circle. He analyzed the evolution trend of social contradictions with abundant data and investigations, discussed reasons behind the rising social contradictions, and described the efforts of related departments to relieve social contradictions. He believed that in general the current social contradictions are in a controllable sate. The analysis of Mr. Sun is both practical and academical, combined with his own working experiences.