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Mr. & Mrs. Untermeyer Talked about “The US Presidential Election and Issues of the Middle East”

发布时间: 2014-03-12     浏览次数: 174

Lecture No. 10 of the Dr. Seaker Chan Center for Comparative Political Development Studies was held in room 101 of the Nordic Center at Fudan University.
Former United States Ambassador to Qatar Mr. Chase Untermeyer and Mrs. Untermeyer jointly gave a talk about “The US Presidential Election and Issues of the Middle East”. 

Mr. Untermeyer was adviser to former American President George Bush senior, and had visited China early in 1977. He has studied various levels of American politics, and experienced many practices of American Middle East policy after serving as US Ambassador in Qatar. His wife Mrs. Untermeyer is a social activist, and is quite well known for a broad participation of women’s rights and labor rights etc. in Qatar.
After giving an analysis of the just concluded US presidential election, Mr. Untermeyer pointed out that the seemingly bustling presidential election cannot actually solve the various issued faced by the US, and bipartisanship is particularly important when the economy has not been fully recovered. In the foreseeable future, the situation that both parties will continue to control the two houses respectively won’t change which will be a great obstacle to the policy implementation and unfavorable for solving actual problems. 

The speech of Mrs. Untermeyer centered around Middle East country Qatar. Having lived in Qatar for five years, Mrs. Untermeyer introduced many local natural scenary, culture, and her own experiences, and gave a detailed elaboration on the economic construction and labor issues in Qatar to at the request of the audiences. She believed that Western science and technology have changed the structure of traditional Muslim community, and Western lifestyle has also penetrated into Islamic society. 

Mr. and Mrs. Untermeyer also answered and discussed questions from the audiences. Prof. Su Changhe form the School of International Relations and Public Affairs changed gifts with Mr. and Mrs. Untermeyer after the lecture.