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Dr. Tomasz Janowski Gave an Open Class of “Global E-Governance”

发布时间: 2014-03-12     浏览次数: 478

Dr. Tomasz Janowski, Head and senior research fellow in Center for Electronic Governance at United Nations University, visited the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University from November 12 to November 14, and gave an open class on “E-Governance Worldwide” . Dr. Janowski is a well-known scholar and activist in international e-governance, and is the founder and organizer of ICEGOV.

The class is divided into five parts i.e. Introduction to EGOV, global trends in EGOV, policy-driven EGOV, EGOV strategy and alignment, and infrastructure and services. Each part lasts for about two hours. The open class is jointly organized by the Dr. Seaker Chan Center for Comparative Political Development Studies and the Digital Governance and Mobile Government Lab of SIRPA. Dr. Zheng Lei hosted the class.