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Dr. Xiong Yihan Reported on “Democratization and Ethnic Conflict Management”

发布时间: 2014-03-12     浏览次数: 441

Dr. Xiong Yihan from the School of International Relations and Public Affairs gave a research project report titled “Democratization and Ethnic Conflict Management” on November 20, 2012.

Managing ethnic conflict has become an important subject of achieving democratic transformation for a country. After introducing the existing literature, especially the Institution Engineering School and the Deconstructionism, and the interpretation and analysis of ethnic conflict, he pointed out that we should combine the advantages of both and make the best of both to construct an interactive interpretation model. According to him, first, social structure would limit the choice of institution and the effectiveness of the institution; second, the effect of ethnic conflict management of an institution depends on the acceptance of major political groups; third, the longer an institution survives, the stronger it can shape the social structure (in this sense, Institution Engineering Shool is effective). We should fully absorb the two theories and interpret ethnic politics from an interactive perspective.